What can the Cloud do for you? It is rare for enterprises to have one cohesive view of what cloud can do for them. HCL cloud-native services have helped hundreds of organizations achieve a “cloud State-of-Mind” – which helps them achieve their goals for business growth, greater resilience, and faster innovation. Download our cloud Services brochure to find out more.


  • CONSULT DAY -1 : CONSULT Cloud advisory services, assessment and roadmap developement
  • DESIGN DAY 0 : DESIGN Cloud services, platform, security, application architecture design, pilots
  • MPLEMENT, AUTOMATE DAY 1 : BEYOND : IMPLEMENT, AUTOMATE & OPERATE App development, cloud migration and modernization, cloud computing platform implementation, SAAS services, AI-powered automated operations, devops support, service orchestration


  • Efficiency, Cost, ContinuityEfficiency, Cost, Continuity I.T. Efficiency, Cost, Continuity
  • Agility, SpeedAgility, Speed BUSINESS Agility, Speed
  • Productivity, AccessProductivity, Access DEVELOPERS Productivity, Access
  • USERS/CUSTOMERS USERS/CUSTOMERS Experience, Ease of use, Personalized

Cloud Consulting Services

HCL’s framework and best practices-driven Cloud Consulting services allow enterprises to crystallize broad cloud objectives into real execution roadmaps, based on individual, department-specific, or enterprise-wide requirements, and a guided assessment of the current state.

Enabling the right Cloud trajectory by answering the right questions

Whether you represent a business line or the IT function, our Cloud Consulting Services can help you answer the following questions:

  • What is the right Cloud strategy and end state for our enterprise?
  • What is the best roadmap/how do we define a phased approach?
  • How can we set and achieve the right TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) goals?
  • What kind of ROI can we expect, across what time frame?
  • Which cloud computing technologies should we adopt and invest in?
  • How will our application landscape change? How can we prepare?

Six reasons why HCL Cloud Consulting services are trusted by Fortune 1000 companies:


A braintrust of 50+ Cloud Consultants with 1000s of person-years of experience

Rich knowledge base of applications based on past assessments

Rich knowledge base of applications based on past assessments

Validated Cloud Reference Architectures for most major industries

Validated Cloud Reference Architectures for most major industries

Reference Architecture Libraries for applications and infrastructure


Patented Automated Unified Assessment Tool


Seamless collaboration between Cloud Assessment and Migration teams

How enterprises can engage our Cloud consulting services

Enterprises looking to either start their cloud- journeys on the right foot or realign their current efforts to meet long-term business objectives should set up a free pre-assessment call with an HCL expert. We will use templates and questionnaires to guide you through every step of the way, leading up to the start of a formal customized consulting exercise. To schedule a free pre-assessment, please write to us at

Cloud Native Applications

The true potential of the cloud is unleashed through powerful, delightful, and resilient applications. But there is no such thing like a “typical cloud application.” Different choices of cloud computing technologies and platforms exist for a reason; they each address specific use cases and needs. Whether you are building a Cloud-native application from the ground-up or modernizing/migrating existing applications to Cloud-native platforms, HCL integrates Cloud engineering competency across a wide gamut of proven cloud technologies and domains to help you design, develop, integrate, and launch effective applications.


Our 2000+ Cloud-trained architects, platform engineers, and software developers have engineered some effective, delightful, and resilient Cloud-native applications for more than 100 customers. With real-world experience in modern application technologies such as APIs, micro-services, containers, low-code tools, Big Data integration, and expertise in continuous delivery (DevOPs) approaches, our experts can help you rapidly turn around powerful applications that run natively on the cloud.


Cloud applications derive their power from underlying Cloud platforms. But choosing, configuring, and integrating the right set of Cloud platform technologies is a complex task. HCL teams leverage strategic partnerships and real-world expertise with leading Cloud platforms such as Pivotal CloudFoundry, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Mesosphere, OpenShift and others to help our customers establish powerful Cloud-native platforms.


Every application, no matter how customized, unique, or legacy, will benefit from being run natively on the cloud. While in certain cases, “lift and shift” can work – more often than not, moving applications to the cloud is a carefully considered and planned procedure based on various source and target factors. Driven by an assessment framework, our engineers chose the right approach for moving your applications to the cloud: Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Replatform, Rebuild, or Replace.



Rated as leaders in the Everest Application Moderization PEAK Matrix ™, HCL’s Cloud-native Application development teams combine exceptional cloud development talent with proven high-quality agile software delivery processes and cross-domain expertise. We have successfully delivered high-quality Cloud software in various domains, including (but not limited to) Customer Experience, Customer Service, Marketing, Manufacturing, Trading/Banking/Insurance, Medical/Pharma, Supply Chain, and others.

To find out more about how we can partner with you to accelerate your applications’ roadmap to the Cloud, write to us at




Since became a household name, the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is growing at a phenomenal rate – with enterprises opting for software to be delivered to them as a service, rather than expensive multi-year licenses. Today, SaaS solutions are not only available for the most common horizontal business needs, but also for an expanding array of vertical-specific applications. While it is easier than ever to replace your existing on-prem application with a third-party SaaS option – thus reducing cost and improving quality of service - it has also become more confusing than ever for businesses.

HCL SaaS services can help to “Walk you to the Cloud” right from consulting, assessment, evaluation and selection, implementation, integration, and cloud strategy migration to user training, UATs, and handover. Our services are supported by an extensive network of strategic SaaS industry partners, which is constantly expanding to include cutting-edge and innovative SaaS vendors.




* This is a representative list. Please contact us for our full list of SaaS partners.


HCL has been delivering SaaS services to Fortune 1000 companies for more than a decade. Today, with 2000+ professionals trained across major and upcoming SaaS platforms and wealth of real work project know how, HCL has the talent pool, experience, and credentials to be your one-stop SaaS partner. To schedule a free consultation with a SaaS expert, please write to us at .


The rapid growth of Cloud-based Infrastructure Services and the underlying technology has been fueled by real enterprise needs such as:

  • Rapid scale
  • Flexibility and choice
  • Ease of integration
  • Cost reduction and pay per use
  • Low-cost and automated platform operations

As a global leader in IT Infrastructure Management Services, HCL has been the I&O partner of choice for more than 250 large enterprises. Our ability to design, build, and manage large-scale, complex IT Infrastructure for more than a decade has naturally evolved into one of the strongest Cloud Infrastructure Management portfolios in the industry. Whether you are looking at putting together a hybrid cloud services platform to run your digital applications or to revamp sizeable portions (or all of it!) of your current IT infrastructure, HCL has the expertise, experience, tools, partnerships, and the credentials to be the right Cloud platform services partner for you.


Design, selection, build, integration services with modern hybrid and multi-cloud computing solutions


Design and integration of AI-powered automation solutions, based on the award-winning DRYiCE™ Autonomics


Cloud infrastructure operations services delivered with extreme automation, as a service through ElasticOps


IT Service Management deployed based on frameworks compliant with ITIL (traditional) and IT4IT (Cloud


XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service) enterprise vision realized through DRYiCE™ Orchestration


HCL has been named as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant® for DataCenter and IUS for the past five years in a row. Our 10000+ I&O professionals support more than 250 customers across all major industries and continents. With an industry-leading Cloud-ready toolset, integrated with the award-winning DRYiCE Autonomics & Orchestration suite and a strong partnership ecosystem, we are the ideal choice for a cloud platform services partner for medium- and large-sized enterprises. Write to us at to find out more.

Enabling Journey to the Cloud – IP & Frameworks


Analyse cloud roadmaps, TCO/ROI, commercial models, etc. to define business objectives, IT goals & strategy with respect to cloud.

  • D-Prizm - AI based application assessment
  • HANASmart – Assessment tool covering suite on HANA to S4/HANA migration activities

Plan and execute cloud migration strategy while minimizing the associated risk, cost, downtime, and duration.

  • ADvatage Cloud - Migration to Cloud
  • ADvantage Migrate - Assessment of code in re-platforming scenarios
  • OneClick - Migration to cloud
  • U2L - Unix to Linux Migration
Data Management

Build a cloud-native application ground-up or modernize existing applications to cloud-native platforms

Operate & Optimize

AI driven automated operations and optimization techniques provided in dedicated or shared models

  • Elastic Ops - HCL enables robust cloud operations through ElasticOps - powered by the award winning DRYiCE Autonomics and Orchestration framework that comprises of a strong AI-enabled automation thereby significantly simplifying complex multi-cloud operational environments and enabling enterprises to maximize the benefits from their cloud footprint.

    Consumption Models:-

    • Zero - Basic Cloud Monitoring and Management Operations
    • Diet - Advanced Cloud Monitoring and Management Operations
    • Full - Advanced Cloud Monitoring and Management Operations embedded with Application Performance Management
    • Digital Run Add-Ons – Skillset available on FTE model

  • MyCloud – Cloud management platform
  • XSM - XaaS (“Everything” as a Service) delivery models, aggregating multiple catalogs to provide a single unified interface
  • Big Fix - Collaborative management and endpoint security platform
  • CLARA - Automation chatbot
  • HERO - Health check and runbook optimizer
  • iAutomate - NLP enabled runbook automation
  • Informix - IOT ready DB on cloud
  • HIP - Data transformation & Integration Platform
  • Actian – Hybrid cloud data management & analytics
  • PANGEA - Distributed Analytics Workbench
  • GBP - HCL best practices designed, used and maintained for HCL Cloud Infrastructure Management and Application Management Services with comprehensive well-defined processes
  • SX (Service Exchange - ITSM) - Service catalog aggregation and fulfilment orchestration platform
  • RunSMART - Enhances operational quality
  • Optimize+ - On-going rightsizing of cloud footprints
  • Workload Automation - Complete visibility and control over workloads
  • UpgradeSMART - Facilitates SAP upgrades
Digital Solutions

Enable the continuous delivery, deployment, security and monitoring aligned with people, processes, and tools

Cloud Governance
Cloud Governance
Identify, understand and manage the dynamic interrelationships between risk and compliance and incorporate those disciplines into daily business activities


  • MyXalytics - Reporting and dashboarding
  • iAssure - AI-led service assurance platform
  • BRiCS - Integrated, holistic approach to organization-wide governance, risk and compliance needs & requirements that cover both business & cloud operations

Mode 2 Accelerators


HCL has invested in a worldwide network of next generation labs to co-innovate with customers.

  • HCL has 40+ labs across the globe spanning various constructs
    • Examples include SDI Labs, Cloud Native Labs, IoT COLLABS
    • Dedicated client labs
    • Multitenant labs
    • Partner labs focused on joint solution development and GTM
    • On-demand virtual labs
  • HCL Cloud Native Labs demonstrate a global hybrid, multi-region, production environment based on VMware, DELL, IBM and Pivotal
  • Our labs help make the cultural change necessary to develop Cloud Native solutions
  • Customers learn hands-on methodologies and cultural approaches to build Cloud Native software in a modern way
Digital & Analytics

Combine deep knowledge of business processes with user-centered design principles to truly visualize the potential of cloud native technologies and empower digital journeys.

  • Model Manager - Enterprise scale tooling to manage the Data Science Lifecycle Management for AI/ ML Projects on Python
  • Omniverse - Intelligent conversational assistant engine that enables business conversation by leveraging AI, ML and NLP
  • Advantage CALM - Helps different personas like PMs, Scrum Master, Testers, Developers and so on, in three ways: Act, Assist and Advise through insights gathered from lifecycle data
  • CoTrust – HCL’s blockchain application platform, CoTrust™, enables accelerated adoption of blockchain technologies. It reduces time, cost and risk by providing foundational capabilities and scaffolding required for implementations on key blockchain platforms
  • IDaaS (Identity as a Service) - New age identity & access management solution that enables enterprises to manage the new perimeter “the identity” within an enterprise, on cloud & across business partners and 3rd party landscape in an OPEX model
  • DIaaS (Data Integration as a Service) - Integrated cloud-based platform and service suite for transforming data from multiple sources, aligned to industry or proprietary targets inspired by the CDISC
  • Quality Platform as a service (QPaaS) - HCL’s Quality Platform is a cloud-based, single tenant, rapidly deployable complete quality management solution.
  • Platform Management and Operations-as-a-Service - Provision, administration, and operations of application and middleware platforms in a service-oriented model
Data Management
SLAs and Service Catalog

Enable dynamic business scaling by building an experience centric intelligent enterprise with flexible, AI-powered automated operations.

  • Tiered SLAs : Platinum- 99.99%, Gold- 99.9%, Silver- 99.5%, Bronze- 99%
  • Track-based SLAs : 99.99%- 99.999%, 100%, and custom SLAs
  • Option of 8x5, 16x5 or 24x7 operations
  • Track wise service window flexibility
  • Option to increase the window per business cycle
  • Service-based tools offering
  • Choice of web-based report
  • Option for customer tool integration
  • Option to choose from multiple consumption models
  • On-demand skills for projects, technology migration, etc.
  • Seasonal tasks



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