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At this critical juncture in the global response to the unprecedented fallout of COVID-19, HCL Technologies and Microsoft present the Better Health Hackathon: #CodeForCOVID19 to engage a global community of talented, purpose-driven and passionate tech innovators and developers - harnessing their creativity, digital skills and entrepreneurial spirit to inspire solutions that address immediate concerns and long-term global challenges to better prepare for current and potential pandemic-related problems.

After 12 weeks of intense ideation and innovation, featuring over 7500 participants from 50+ countries, the Better Health Hackathon enters its final stage with 32 top teams shortlisted to compete for top honors via a series of live, tele-pitch presentations to panels of experts and industry leaders from the #CodeForCovid19 partner ecosystem. Join the global collaboration and witness the action as it unfolds live, between August 24 – 28 using the schedule below. We hope to have you with us virtually!

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Prelims 1 August 24th 08:30 PM 10:30 PM

DefiPret - Improve productivity, mental health & happiness by taking 30-day challenges while quarantined

Katabi - A ready-made webVR meeting & social spaces #CloseTheDistance while keeping people safe

Safe Harbour - Advisory app to report the lack of Covid-19 safety measures enabling users to see the most safe places around them

Covid19Prognostic - Development of tools to to assist the community at making better clinical outcome prediction for COVID-19

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Prelims 2 August 25th 12:30 PM 02:30 PM

Fine App - A social network platform that gives importance to mental health by providing community support and easy access to mental health services

HOSPORTAL - Aims to build an Inter-Hospital relevant data management system to reduce the chaos which arises during admission of patients

QUARANTEAM - A nationwide centralised & integrated mental healthcare system that supports individual's psychosocial well-being through a pandemic crisis

Grape Community - An open platform aiming to connect communities with the local suppliers

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Prelims 3 August 25th 03:30 PM 05:30 PM

Public Transport Crowd Management - A solution to manage crowd at public transport during Covid-19 pandemic

CovidCare - A.I powered digital hospital & mental Wellbeing solution for COVID-19

CORSAFE - A cluster of web apps made for the wellness of people and society during a pandemic like COVID-19

Care Quest - A load balancing platform for medical services aimed at bringing order to the chaos caused by COVID-19

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Prelims 4 August 25th 08:30 PM 10:30 PM

Guardian Health - Resource planning, virtual health services, digital filing systems and early detection platform using machine learning.

CoVidSpy - A Pandemic Management and Safety Norm Violation Detection Analysis System.

Foresights - Designed for local entrepreneurs, in order to increase their business value by helping to improve customer satisfaction in an unstable world

Viral Cough Cop Device - An intelligent, non-contact, automatic screening device to sense COVID-19 coughs and identify the location of the coughing person in crowds

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Prelims 5 August 26th 12:30 PM 02:30 PM

R.E.C.O.V.E.R - We estimate the essential medical resources and predict upcoming hotspots using our 21 day forecasting model to help resource allocation

Mental Health During A Pandemic - A system to identify the signs of depression from a person's speech

Distancing & Mask Detection Solution - A social distancing analyzer and face mask detection that has been integrated into a single solution using yolov3 and Caffe

Alchemist's Parameterized & Virtual Connect - A online healthcare consultation platform measuring obligatory requirements needed connecting patients and correct clinicians with privacy

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Prelims 6 August 26th 08:30 PM 10:30 PM

Critical Care - Empowers healthcare workers with a platform for real-time monitoring, remote care and self-learning insights

CO-Cell - A cellphone app that displays the risk of catching COVID-19 graphically, based on the activity type, demographic data, and pre-conditions

COVID Trace - An application to help us enter into this next phase of the pandemic

Crowding Indicator Alert - Displays a warning when a store or other location is crowded. This might allow at-risk individuals to decide whether to come back later

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Prelims 7 August 27th 05:30 PM 07:30 PM

Kawach - Assists in tracing individuals while helping them maintain social distancing with an immersive AR experience and info about local businesses

PLUTO: Social Distancing Bus and Scheduling System - An efficient and streamline way to solve the risky situation pertaining to social distancing in view of the pandemic

Precision Drug Predictor - uses lymphocytes from the blood of severely ill COVID 19 infected patients to predict drugs using data driven, precision medicine approach

Covid-19 Image Diagnosis - AI web application that accurately performs medical image diagnosis of Covid-19 affected patients using chest X-Ray & CT scan reports

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Prelims 8 August 27th 08:30 PM 10:30 PM

VEBED - Bed and ventilator availability in one app

RNAX - A Blockchain-based platform to galvanize research in biotechnology and healthcare, and make it accessible to the public

Palapapa - Reducing lines for food. Help customers organize, restock and save money on their grocery list

Care Coach - Training medical professionals to improve bedside manners (during COVID-19) using GPT-3 driven AI patients

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Grand Final August 28th 07:30 PM 10:30 PM

Teams to be announced after Prelims 8


#CodeForCovid19 Themes

#CodeForCovid19 crowdsources innovation from the brightest technology brains for tangible solutions to drive better outcomes for us all, across the entire life-cycle of the global response to Covid19 through problem statements addressing pandemic prevention and containment, community enablement, crisis communication, accelerated vaccine discovery and clinical trials, protection for essential workers, remote healthcare and virtual productivity, and solutions for reopening of economies safeguarding public well-being.

Prevention & containment: #Stay-at-九游棋牌游戏网址home

How can technology aid efforts to #FlattenTheCurve by offering a better quality of life to encourage people to #StayAt九游棋牌游戏网址home, preventing the overload of healthcare systems through behaviors that minimize the risk of community spread.

Diagnosis, treatment & therapeutic management

Help better protect and equip frontline healthcare workers and first responders, and enable those working towards treatments and cures for COVID-19 through ways to accelerate drug discovery, testing and clinical trials for vaccine development.

Recovery and return to normal

How can technology safeguard communities that will return to workplaces, mass transit systems, public spaces, dining & retail outlets as well as gradually into sports arenas, cinemas, theatres and concerts.

Systemic solutions for crisis & pandemic management

Ideate innovative uses for next-gen technologies to better plan for the long term implications of COVID-19 and better prepare for future global pandemic-related challenges across healthcare and public services ecosystems.

Advisory and Judging Panel

Providing mentorship and guidance will be academics and influencers from institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Cambridge University, Tuck School of Business, International SOS and subject matter experts & thought leaders from Merck and co., Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, and more industry leaders from the Life sciences and healthcare, joined by technology disruptors from HCL and Microsoft.

Dr. Jessica Gallagher

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship)

The University of Queensland

Sally Ann Frank

Health & Life Sciences IoT Advisor, Global Black Belt


Eva Telecka

Hub Lead for IT Risk Management and Security & Liaison Lead for EMEA Region


Dr. Bronwyn King AO

Chief Executive Officer

Tobacco Free Portfolios

Dr. Youseph Yazdi

Executive Director, Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design

Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Greg Jakubowski

Regional Medical Director, Corporate Solutions, Asia

International SOS

Dr. Rahul Kalia

Medical Director, India

International SOS

Dr. Mohamed Zaki

Deputy Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance

University of Cambridge

Dawid Konotey-Ahulu


Redington Ltd, Mallowstreet Ltd

Vaida Cesnuleviciute

Adviser to the President

Office of the President of Lithuania

Lars Gehrmann

Digital Health Venture Architect Wellcare Ecosystem

Zurich Insurance

Itumeleng Makgati

Group CISO and Vice President


Nolan Bennett

Chief Information Officer

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies

Dr. Garang M. Dut

Fellow in Health Systems

Australian National University

Vijay Gullapalli, Ph.D

Head of Advanced Analytics

Blue Cross NC

David Pace

Director, Digital Marketing IT


Patrick Wheeler

Executive Director, Center for Digital Strategies

Tuck School of Business

Kris McKinstrey

Director - Digital transformation lead for Global Animal Health & UK AH IT


Waldemar Hummer

Head of Engineering

Zurich Insurance Switzerland

Parag Karnik

Vice President, Global Head Of Engineering and Operations

Johnson & Johnson

Naveen Valluri

Principal PM Architect in Health AI


Roger Süess

Chief Executive Officer AG

Gerry Lewis

Senior Vice President and CIO


Amitabha Bandyopadhyay

KENT Entrepreneurship and Innovation Chair Professor

IIT Kanpur

Nikhil Aggarwal

CEO, Foundation for Innovation & Research in Science & Technology (FIRST)

IIT Kanpur

Pawel Gora

Chief Executive Officer

Quantum AI Foundation

Dr. Gerd Mann

Head IT and Head IT Department

Paul Scherrer Institut

Souad Tenfiche

CEO NUMA Bangalore & Co-President

La French Tech - India

Agam Upadhyay

SVP, Chief Technology Officer


Dorothea Wong

Executive Director

Collins Aerospace

Michael Biron

SVP - Credit, Fraud & Settlement Leader


Jay Smith

Chief Information Officer

TracFone Wireless

Jacob Elisha

Senior Director, OneMD Service and Repair Program Leader

Biosense Webster, Inc.

Frank Wetters

Global IT Lead - A.I., Analytics, RPA, (Financial & Non-Financial) Risk


Nixa Risk

Global Technology Leader and Product Line Owner, HCP

Johnson & Johnson MD&D

Sandra Bryant

Director, Business Systems

Collins Aerospace

Sally McArthur

CSIRO Research + Science Leader and Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Swinburne University of Technology

John Lewis

Senior Director Of Engineering

Collins Aerospace

Dr. Jayesh Jani

Medical Director - Global Emerging Markets


Carsten Falk Hammershøj

Vice President, IT


Rachel Stahler

Chief Information Officer,

Organon & Co. at Merck

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